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morningggg 🌞

tropical xx

having such a delightful breakfast weeeee 💛 most important meal of the day ☕️🙌

definitely my child

My parents are officially planning me and my sister’s senior trip to Hawaii. I’m soooooo freaking excited. Four years of high school went by super fast.




Limited edition “literal heart of yeezus” pendant finally came in today! Things are finally coming together (: follow @ cyprusandpeach on Instagram. Chokers will be ready to order in a few weeks!
Q: favourite movies and tv shows??

Movies: bridesmaids, mulan, emperors new groove, the princess diaries, a Cinderella story, aquamarine lolol

Tv shows: teen wolf, puberty blues, botched, keeping up with the Kardashians. PLL used to be but it has sucked lately agh

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Q: how did you come up to that? i mean how did you workout? and how long? you are so fit, congrats <3

Thank you so much! I got a summer job as a lifeguard at a waterpark and we are mandated to basically run all around the park when we are switching spots. Also, my positions are normally shallow water which means I have to rove/walk around the pool for about nine hours a day. Since I’m at work all day most days, I don’t have time to binge eat or eat just because I’m bored. I eat only on breaks (I get about two or three a day) and that has helped tremendously. All in all, it was just the job. I don’t do anything extra at home. I’ve lost about 8 or 9 pounds so far (:

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